Submit Turn

Contracts and Transfers
You can enter up to FOUR instructions in this section. Please use commas as seperators when entering cash amounts eg 10,000,000 and NOT 10000000 or 10M. NUMBERS ONLY - NO £ SIGN IS NEEDED.
Non Playing Staff
You can issue instructions to TWO non playing staff if required. Put the staff number and instructions in separate boxes with each staff instruction on separate lines. Use NUMBERS only, no commas or dashes.
Ground Instructions
Other Business
If you are using PRO1 or PRO2 to change the programme print run just enter a NUMBER in the second box with no comma eg 25000 and NOT 25,000 To select a Club News just select A,B or C you do not need the number ie to select 57C just use Club News C from the drop down options
Arrange a Friendly
You can arrange a friendly for the following turn with another manager or the Summit FA can arrange one for you with an unmanaged club. You cannot choose which unmanaged club nor can you choose if it is home or away. Note that you cannot arrange a friendly on any week that you have a Cup or Trophy game.
General Message
You can send a general message that will appear on the printout and will be seen by all Managers in your League. Since the advent of the forum this section has become less useful for arranging deals etc but I would still encourage you to use it as not all Managers regularly visit the forum
Forecast 5
The matches to predict are shown on your paper turnsheet. Default is 0-0
Name changes etc
You can change the names of players here. List player number and new name. Please keep changes to a minimum (2 or 3) unless this is your first turn.
If you are ready to go then please have a check through your turn to make sure you are happy with it. Click the Submit Turn button just once and wait for the confirmation screen. You will be emailed a copy of your submitted turn..... Good luck!! Steve