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Summit currently runs 3 Leagues with 64 teams in each. However to keep the processing of Leagues more manageable each League is restricted to around 50 managed teams. Teams for new managers are extremely limited. If all Leagues are showing as FULL then it is still worthwhile requesting a new team as you WILL receive one through the post asap.

Note that if you have already been sent a team recently, not responded and now changed your mind then open a support ticket to request a new team since you already know what the game looks like. You may need to make a payment before another team will be sent out otherwise your new team request will go in the bin without being acknowledged. I cannot send teams out to serial time wasters as it adds to my time and to the cost of running the game which in turn impacts on the turnfees.

There are currently (April 2024) spaces as follows:

League 1:  2 spaces
League 2:  FULL
League 3:  1 space

New Team Request
Please note that Summit PBM does NOT use real teams or players. The only information needed is your name, address and email address. You can also choose a starting division if you prefer. Be aware that there are very few Premier League clubs that are unmanaged and it is recommended that you start in one of the bottom two divisions.
NOTE: if you already manage a Summit team and want an extra one or a team in a different League then don't use this form. Just mention on your next turnsheet so you can be fast tracked 🙂
Where to start?
Choose a preferred starting division so you can decide if you want to start at the top and try to stay there or start at the bottom and try to work your way up the divisions. You can select as many as you like or all of them if you have no preference. Note that Summit is basically a building game. It is recommended to start in one of the bottom two divisions or you may well struggle.
Choose a League
Perhaps you have a friend already playing and you want a team in the same League or you just have a preference then select it here:
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