So, what exactly is Summit PBM?
Summit PBM (play by mail) is a football management game where you compete against other real life managers. It’s not Fantasy Football, there are no real teams or players. If you ever played ‘Soccer Supremos’ back in the 90’s then you will know exactly what to expect and you will love this game. If you didn’t then it’s something new to try which may well hook you in with its ‘retro’ feel!

How does it work?
You pick a team and issue other instructions each turn using a selection of Order Codes. If you wish you can interact with other managers to arrange transfers or loans. Once the turn instructions are received back here at Summit HQ they are processed by the Summit software which produces a printout that is mailed out to you for the process to be repeated. You can expect to receive a turn around every 10 days.

Is there an email or online only option?
Your turnsheets can be returned online via the Submit Turn form instead of filling out the paper version and mailing it. The vast majority of Managers choose this method as it’s far more convenient.
Most managers prefer to receive their turn package via regular (snail) mail as they like the anticipation of a turn package arriving through the letter box. However if you prefer to receive your turn package by email it can be scanned and sent to you as an email pdf attachment.
Overseas (ie non-UK including Republic of Ireland) will always have their turns sent in pdf format due the extra time it takes to reach them and the extra cost of Airmail.

How much does it cost?
Managing a Summit team costs £3.00 per turn as at December 2015 with approx. three turns per month. Payment methods include PayPal, Credit / Debit Card / GoCardless/ Internet Banking / Cheque or Cash.
There are no ‘extras’ or ‘luxuries’ to pay for and absolutely no hidden charges whatsoever. All managers pay the same for the same printout, you cannot get an advantage by paying more for extra features. That will never happen!

What are the game prizes?
For most managers just the glory of winning and getting the bragging rights is enough! Just in case it isn’t though, unlike most other games Summit PBM gives away REAL prizes including REAL Trophies, REAL Championship Shields and REAL Medals aswell as very generous free game Credits.
As they say in the cheesy adverts though…. ‘But wait…. there’s MORE’…. there are small prizes to be won such as a Summit PBM pen or fridge magnet EVERY turn in the FREE to enter Predictions Competition!

How can I find out more?
You can open a Support ticket, talk to other managers on the forum… they will give you their opinion about the game and there is nothing like talking to people already playing. Or why not just request a new team to be sent to you? It’s FREE to take a look and there is no obligation at all to start playing if you don’t like what you see!
Just to add: If you’ve requested a team in the past and didn’t respond then you will probably be ignored as to be honest I can’t send teams out over and over again to someone who never starts playing. Just drop me a Support Ticket if you have previously requested a new team, not responded but now changed your mind.

Cheers….. Steve